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Spending Less On Crafting

After I started working hard to make my home feel more welcoming, I realized that there were a few issues with the way that I was crafting. I was spending more on the supplies to make the crafts than I would spend if I actually purchased the completed crafts myself, so I decided to take another look at the way I was doing things. I decided to start bargain hunting through the bins at the local craft store, and within a few weeks, my spending slowed significantly. This blog is all about spending less money on crafting and knowing how to get a bang for your buck.


Spending Less On Crafting

How To Create Beach-Themed Picture Frames

Leona Armstrong

If you've been looking for the perfect frames to display your beach vacation photos in, stop searching and design your own. You can either dress up basic wood or metal frames that you already own, or buy an inexpensive one to get started. Then, all you'll need is a few craft supplies and some of your beach treasures to a create a boutique-worthy frame. The handcrafted frames are also ideal as beach-themed wedding reception decor or as gifts for beach lovers.

Here are some ideas for creating beach-inspired picture frames:

1. Paint the Frame

If you don't have much time to design the frame, a little craft paint can go a long way. As one fast idea, simply paint a wooden frame with turquoise acrylic paint, which is reminiscent of ocean waves. For a more intricate design, use stencils to create a white seashell pattern in each corner of the turquoise frame. 

Go for a rustic style by giving the frame a white-washed look. You can either cover a reclaimed barn wood frame with white paint for a naturally time-worn appearance, or distress a new wood frame with chalk paint. Once the paint is dry, rub a few areas of the frame with fine-grit sandpaper for an even rougher, more natural finish.

2. Embellish the Frame

For a little more bling, embellish it with craft items or small goodies you picked up at the beach. For instance, you can completely cover a plain wood or metal frame with tiny seashells using a hot glue gun. Pick the shells up with tweezers before applying the glue to avoid burning your fingers. Gently press the shells onto the frame for a few seconds to create a secure bond.

If you only have larger seashells, paint the frame and then enhance all or a few of the corners with the shells. You can also add some plastic pearls to round out the look. Other natural frame embellishments include sea glass and small driftwood pieces. 

3. Add Rope or Twine 

An easy way to give a frame a nautical twist is with rope or twine. To start, measure the four sides of the frame and cut pieces of white nautical rope or twine to fit. Next, start gluing the pieces to each side of the frame until the entire surface is covered. 

You can leave the frame as is, or enhance it by gluing seashells or starfish over the rope or twine. For more ideas, take a look at the frames companies like InstaFrame Galleries make.