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Spending Less On Crafting

After I started working hard to make my home feel more welcoming, I realized that there were a few issues with the way that I was crafting. I was spending more on the supplies to make the crafts than I would spend if I actually purchased the completed crafts myself, so I decided to take another look at the way I was doing things. I decided to start bargain hunting through the bins at the local craft store, and within a few weeks, my spending slowed significantly. This blog is all about spending less money on crafting and knowing how to get a bang for your buck.


Spending Less On Crafting

Create Cute Decorations For Your Next Halloween Party With Balloons

Leona Armstrong

If you plan on throwing a Halloween party for the children in your neighborhood, it is important to have decorations that are appropriate for all ages. Many of the Halloween decorations that are available in stores can be somewhat scary for younger children. Fortunately, making your own decorations doesn't have to be overly difficult to do. Use the guide below to learn how to make your own custom balloon decorations to use during your next Halloween Party.

Add Candy to the Balloons

The first thing you need to do is to put candy inside of the balloons. Be sure that the candy does not have sharp edges so that it does not pop the balloons once they are inflated. It is best to use yellow or light brown balloons when creating the scarecrows so that they have an authentic look to them.

Blow Up the Balloons

Next, you need to blow up the balloons and tie off the ends to hold the air inside of them. You only want to inflate the balloons until they are roughly the size of a cantaloupe. This is the perfect size for a child to easily carry the balloons and for them to fit onto a table without taking up too much space.

Draw Faces on the Balloons

Set the balloons up so that the end that you tied is facing the ceiling and the top of the balloon sits directly onto the table. The candy will weigh the balloon so that it sits still as you use permanent markers to draw cute scarecrow faces onto the balloons.

Add Hair to the Balloons

Cut yarn into strips that are roughly five to six inches in length. Tie the yarn around the end of the balloon where you tied the balloon to create the hair for the scarecrow.

Add Hats to the Balloons

Cut a circle out of a piece of brown felt that is slightly larger than the balloon. You can use glue to glue the hat to the top of the balloon to give it a finished look.

Make sure to make enough scarecrows for each child that will be coming to the party. They can take the balloon home with them when the party is over as a party favor and enjoy the candy inside when they get home. The favors are inexpensive to make and create the perfect decor for any Halloween party. For more information, contact companies like Tampa Bay Balloons​.