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Spending Less On Crafting

After I started working hard to make my home feel more welcoming, I realized that there were a few issues with the way that I was crafting. I was spending more on the supplies to make the crafts than I would spend if I actually purchased the completed crafts myself, so I decided to take another look at the way I was doing things. I decided to start bargain hunting through the bins at the local craft store, and within a few weeks, my spending slowed significantly. This blog is all about spending less money on crafting and knowing how to get a bang for your buck.


Spending Less On Crafting

Is Your Favorite Quilter About To Celebrate A Special Occasion? 3 Benefits Of Giving Them A Beautiful Thimble Cage

Leona Armstrong

Finding gifts for quilters seems as though it should be as easy as picking out some lovely fabric. However, many quilters are quite specific about the types of thread, fabric, and tools that they use. While most people who enjoy sewing will enjoy anything that they might receive, you also want to make sure that the gift you give is something that your favorite quilter will actually use. For their special occasion, consider three benefits of surprising them with a beautiful thimble cage.

Tap Into Their Practical Side

Gifts that have a purpose are the ones that are the least likely to end up stashed somewhere on a shelf. If your loved one already has a collection of knickknacks, then the last thing they might want is to have another dust collector. If you've noticed that your loved one already has plenty of mugs, t-shirts, and other items that are typically given as gifts, then it is smart to look for something that has a practical purpose. A specially designed cage pendant that hangs on a necklace serves several practical purposes that range from helping your loved one keep their thimble in a safe place to being a pretty piece of jewelry.

Help Preserve Heirloom Thimbles

Many quilters have special thimbles that they enjoy using, yet they also hold value. For example, handcrafted thimbles are a popular item that many quilters pick up as souvenirs or to support their favorite artists. A thimble may also have sentimental value and be something special that a quilter hopes to pass down to the crafters in their family one day. Your loved one might also have a thimble that is monetarily valuable, and losing it could feel like a tragedy. Being able to keep their favorite thimble close to their heart in a thimble cage means that they'll always know their heirloom is safe.

Give Them a Conversation Piece

Some of the best gifts are the ones that are meant to be shown off. A silver thimble cage is the perfect accessory for your loved one to wear to any special occasion. Are they a member of a quilting group? If so, then they can wear their pendant to their special events where they can share it with other people who appreciate the importance of thimbles. Your loved one may also want to wear theirs to other special occasions where their new thimble cage is a great conversation starter that can help them share their love of quilting with others.