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Spending Less On Crafting

After I started working hard to make my home feel more welcoming, I realized that there were a few issues with the way that I was crafting. I was spending more on the supplies to make the crafts than I would spend if I actually purchased the completed crafts myself, so I decided to take another look at the way I was doing things. I decided to start bargain hunting through the bins at the local craft store, and within a few weeks, my spending slowed significantly. This blog is all about spending less money on crafting and knowing how to get a bang for your buck.


Spending Less On Crafting

Everyday Uses For Foam Blocks

Leona Armstrong

When you shop for big foam blocks for your child, you're almost certainly thinking of the fun that the blocks can provide. A child with a creative mind can use their blocks in a nearly endless array of ways, making this a toy that gets regular use in your home for years. What you might not realize, however, is that big foam blocks can have a number of everyday uses that you find convenient. This can be particularly true if the set you buy features blocks in several different shapes. Here are three everyday uses for children's foam blocks.

Access To Furniture

If your child is too small to climb onto a piece of furniture in your home, foam blocks can be helpful. Instead of you having to stop what you're doing every time your child wants to sit on the couch, for example, you can strategically place a few of the blocks in front of the couch to create a series of steps or even a ramp that will provide access for the child. These blocks are durable, which means that a child can easily climb on them. Your child will have fun climbing up and down the blocks when they use the couch.

Anti-Pet Wall

Your child likely spends a lot of time playing on the floor. If you have a pet in the home, you might occasionally encounter issues in which the pet interferes with the child's activities. For example, if a child is drawing on a piece of paper, an excited dog could walk across the paper and tear it, causing your child to be upset. Another good way to use a set of foam blocks is to build a simple wall that helps keep your pet at bay. With your child safely nestled between the wall and a piece of furniture, they won't have to worry about interference from your pet.

Yoga Blocks

If you practice yoga in your home, your child might be curious to join you. A lot of people use yoga blocks to help with certain poses. These blocks are made of dense foam and share a lot of similarities with children's blocks. If you're using a foam block during your yoga practice, you can grab one of your child's foam blocks for them to use. For example, if you're sitting on your block, you can show your child how to do the same with their block.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for foam blocks for kids from suppliers near you.